This Editorial Policy applies to our website and any other related websites, applications and services branded as The Reset (the “Services”). This Editorial Policy explains how we decide what information ultimately is provided through the Services, the people and collaborators who make that possible and our relationship with sponsors and affiliated partners. The information shared through the Services is purely editorial.

Our goal is to build a community for a new generation of women who are choosing to do things differently. We strive to provide content which is not only fair and accurate but also relevant, relatable and helpful. We care about our community and the digital homebase we are attempting to build and so we review and process all content before it is provided through the Services to ensure a positive experience.

Certain parts of the Services allow users to generate and post material. These user generated materials are subject to our Privacy & Cookies Policy accessible at and our Terms and Conditions accessible at

On occasion, through the Services we may highlight a product that we find interesting and provide an affiliated link, which means we may earn a commission from the linked website if you make a purchase via the link. The price you pay is unaffected by whether you visit the vendor via the affiliated link provided by us or if you go directly to the vendor’s website using a different route.

We work closely with collaborators and various contributors to identify the concepts and items that we believe truly relate to our community, to ultimately create the content provided through the Services. In the event we work with sponsors to create content, such content will be clearly identified as such through the Services. Whether we receive a preferential editorial rate or a free product or service experience, we always put the community first when choosing what content is provided through the Service, ensuring that we create a genuine and honest environment for our new generation of women.