Does this description resonate with you?

You’re a woman who’s entrenched in your life, work and day-to-day obligations. From an outsider’s perspective, you look like you’re killing it. You’re the CEO of your own world. Whatever crosses your path, you own it and handle it like a boss, not necessarily because you want to, but simply because you have to. 

Internally, you’re exhausted and gasping for air. You feel like the duck who looks serene above the water, but below the water’s surface, her feet are madly treading water. There doesn’t seem to be an option for you to “sit this one out,” or look to a partner and say “can you take this one” when a new problem arises. Is this what a “successful life” is supposed to be for an adult woman? If so, the manual on this life needs to be rewritten.

This struggle for balance (or maybe “relief” is a better word) had been the theme of my life for quite some time. Then about three years ago, I stumbled across an article: “The Sexiest Words a Man Can Say to a Woman.” I may have rolled my eyes when I started reading, thinking of the thousands of articles that’ve gone down this path before, but a few sentences in, I sat upright. Is it “I love you?” “You look beautiful?” No, its simplicity is stunning. 

“I got this.”

Say it again.  “I got this.” 

Somewhere deep within, a chord had been struck. These three simple words were the direct, poignant relief I was looking for in my life. 

An “I got this” from a man doesn’t have to address a monstrous problem. I could casually mention to my man that a light bulb was out. Just the thought of his “I got this” and the immediate fix that follows makes me weak in the knees. Holy swoon moment!

When I experienced this a few times with an ex-boyfriend, I remember being practically speechless, basking in the glorious relief of him stepping in to take over the small problem at hand. This is so much sexier to me right now than an “I love you.”

But what is this about?  There are two components at hand. One, it’s about allowing yourself to receive help. Many of us women, who are used to single-handedly resolving hurdles in our path, tend to be closed off from receiving. I’m guilty, and it’s not about control. I’m on auto-pilot when handling a problem myself since I’m used to doing it. 

Second, an “I got this” from a man brings on the masculine energy. As a woman, it’s exhausting to play both masculine and feminine roles at work and at home, but we all do it out of necessity. I crave more balance and attention to my feminine side. I feel out of alignment with my true nature. The delicious sound of “I got this,” openly receiving it from a man, and letting go of the reigns, makes my inner feminine goddess light up like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

I got my first shot at consciously correcting my energies, with an unexpected “I got this” moment. I was dating a new guy and just before he arrived, I noticed that one of the headlights was out on my car. Irritated by the thought of one more thing on my to-do list for the next day, I mentioned the headlight issue as I was getting in this guy’s car for our date.

He looked at me, put the car in park, and said, “No, we’re taking care of that right now. Dinner can wait. We’ll pick up a new headlight, I’ll change it for you and then we’ll head to the restaurant.”

My old non-receiving self might’ve said, it’s okay, I’ll just take it to the shop tomorrow. Instead, my new-self gushed, “Wow! You literally couldn’t be any sexier right now!! Thank you so much for doing this!”

He laughed, saying “That’s all it takes for me be sexy to you?”

He had no idea the glory I was basking in with his “I got this” moment, and what it meant to me. Pure euphoria over a headlight.

The power behind these three simple words created a shift in me to devote more attention to my feminine energy, and to allow myself to receive and be vulnerable. It takes conscientious work for many women, but there’s no weakness in receiving. It’s quite the opposite. I’ve reconnected with a more authentic version of me, and how I portray myself to the world. 

May we all receive countless “I got this” moments.