It woke me up every morning at 5:15 AM.

It wasn’t a barking dog, noisy neighbor, or even a rooster. It didn’t care that I was on vacation. All the better!  It commanded my attention.

Was it my lover? No.  A different kind of distraction.  An idea. This one shook me and would not let go until I got out of bed, opened my journal and took dictation.

This idea that had visited before. I flirted with it then. But the timing wasn’t right. Truthfully, I wasn’t ready. Here it was again, and this time, I was ripe to receive.

What is it, you wonder? It’s name is WILL. Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law.

I was fresh from successfully helping a few smart, amazing women associates leave their firms. I knew I could help more. It had me fully in its grip. I didn’t want anything else.

That has meant moving away from the coaching and consulting practice I’ve built over the last seven years with my business partner. Growth that has given me the confidence and know how to prepare to go out on my own. I am forever grateful.

Now, as I am poised to launch my services, I have the full responsibility of failure or success on my shoulder. But I’m not really alone, am I? I’ve got inspiration (plus a virtual assistant and web designer) on my side. I’m ready.