My always-holding-hands parents were divorcing after 42 years. I lost a dear friend to cancer. I was single and turning 40. My younger sister got married. I was promoted to VP at a corporate job doing PR, but I didn’t want to be corporate or do PR anymore. I changed a few things:

  • Quit my job.
  • Followed my dreams — took acting and writing classes.
  • Met a younger boyfriend.
  • Wore jeans and walked everywhere.
  • Gave myself enough time to stand on line at the first Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. (Thanks Danny Meyer for creating it!)
  • Breathed fresh air, stopped rushing.
  • Did yoga.
  • Tried bold nail polish colors.
  • Stayed up late.
  • Slept late.
  • Wrote a novel called “My Summer of Being 28 Again” and put it in a drawer.
  • Walked around the city and Central Park crying over my breakup.
  • Made time to see a shrink during the day.
  • Traveled, went out every night, bought clothes and racked up credit card debt.

I finally began to live with no regrets. But I still needed a job to support myself and pay rent, so when a job came calling in the form of a trade organization that combined my past experiences of entertainment and travel, I took it.

RESET #2 (currently in progress)

After knee surgery, dating a series of Mr. Wrongs, holding another 24/7 high stress PR job without feeling creative, turning 50 (OMG how did that happen?), and my mother asking me — her still single daughter — to be a bridesmaid at her second wedding — it was time to make a change. So I’ve began to change a few things, again:

  • Quit my job.
  • I’ve regained freedom on social media.
  • Am now flattered when friends’ kids Insta me, text me, etc.
  • Break my rule of no day-drinking.
  • Surprise myself for being annoyed when new next door neighbor parties loudly all night.
  • Have time for dating apps though I still prefer to let fate happen.
  • Have time to go to doctors for check-ups, but to find out body is falling apart, so stop going.
  • Become active — mother and stepfather are more active than me physically, socially, professionally.
  • Replace drunk texting with drunk internet shopping in the middle of the night. Credit card debt is still in my life.
  • Write a book “Kissing Mr. Wrong” — much better than the first book — attempt to find a literary agent.
  • Look for writing jobs!

More to come…