My mom passed away a couple of years ago and she was very young. I realized that life is short and I’ve spent my whole life supporting everyone else’s lives. I was helping them — promoting them — but I wasn’t helping myself. I was never the promoter of me and I want to change that.

I used to be a teacher and a reading specialist, but I stopped doing that to stay home with my kids for a few years. Now my kids are either in high school, college or freshly graduated.

I want to completely change myself. It can be hard taking the step to say something positive about yourself. I love being with people — I love communicating with them — I have a lot of energy and I’m a great problem-solver. 

As women, we do so many things, we manage so many people — I’m finally learning to take all those skills and do something with them.

Photo courtesy of Mary Ann D’Urso.