My first memories of statement worthy beauty are Jean Naté bath splash and my nana’s bright coral Estée Lauder lipstick. The bath splash, along with decorative talc powder puffs, were bathroom staples and the lipsticks were gifts that she gave me as a teen. Although, I probably shouldn’t have worn such bold colors, let alone sneaking out the church restroom with them on, they were signs of where my passion would lead me in the future.

During college, I became interested in the accurate portrayal of women in the media and how it affects us as a society. After graduation, I worked in fashion but later shifted to work as a beauty editor when a role at one of the magazines that I interned for opened up. Talk about excitement! I loved working as a beauty editor, interviewing top celebs on their beauty routines, getting tips and advice from celebrity makeup and hair artists and reviewing all of the best products before they launched.

I worked for several top publications before starting at a fast-paced celebrity weekly publication. After two years grinding out short beauty trend story after short beauty trend story, I started to wonder what was I doing with my life and career. I knew that it was time to reset, so when a job offer to work in public relations for a luxury skincare company with an entrepreneurial spirit, I took a leap of faith to leave the only professional world that I knew and loved for one similar but very different.

It was challenging yet interesting starting a career from scratch. I worked in a department of one – just me – so there was no one to teach or guide me on how to be successful in my new career. I really had to focus on my goals, the company’s goals and pay attention to what would have the most impact. The first couple of weeks were nerve-wracking. I kept wondering if I had made the right decision but after I saw my first press hit — the cover of the business section — I knew that I was onto something and kept going. I became so excited with what I was able to accomplish that I wound up leading press for all of our global efforts including overseeing US, Germany, the UK, Hong Kong, Dubai and more. It was exciting to see how we could maximize on the message while reaching more people.

A few years later (after another reset where I left beauty to work with Usher on his global tour for a year but that’s another story), I decided to open my own public relations and social media marketing firm, First and Last PR.

We specialize in the beauty industry. Five plus years later, it feels really good to know that it’s okay to take risks — calculated risks but risks nonetheless — and go after what I believe in. In this capacity, I (along with my team) am allowed to work with some of the top beauty brands in the world to help tell their story and educate women and men on their uses. For me, it all comes full circle — I’m still telling stories about beauty and empowerment like I did when I was an editor but, now, my reach is much larger. I’ve learned that it’s okay to take a step back, evaluate and leap. As long as you’re following your passion and have good intentions, you’ll always land where and how you are supposed to.