I am a physician and I love the arts. It’s something that I’ve always been drawn to.

Being creative relaxes me, so no matter how stressful medical school was or residency was, creativity was always something I could come back to and explore. In regards to physician wellness, I believe creative outlets are necessary and should be explored as a tool to nurture and cultivate self-care, aiding as a de-stress mechanism and a way to express individuality in the field.

For me, one way I display my personality and creative expression is through my clothes and the way I dress. I enjoy the process of dressing up for work. Being in a white coat for 16 hours a day can make one feel robotic, so adding a bit of flare beneath the white coat allows me to subtly express areas of my personality.

This is why Pallabi Sanyal-Dey and I came up with the concept of Beneath the White Coat, our reset. Physician burn-out is at an all-time high and we aim to create a shared space to promote wellness and community.  Fashion is just one of the ways we are utilizing this space as its truly a vehicle to express individuality and a sense of creative expression. We feel it’s time to emphasize that physicians are more than just their white coats. Developing a forum where we can share that and advocate for it is something I feel strongly about.