Two years ago, I watched my aunt’s battle with cancer come to an end. Her strength helped me recognize how important it is to live life to the fullest. She had courage through her final months that I never knew existed in a person. When you are at the end of life, the biggest thing you think about is what could have been different.

I spent much of my 20s focusing on career and being something bigger and better. I lost time with my family. I am learning to live in the moment and enjoy my personal relationships. It is about learning to take a leap of faith, no matter the perceived challenge at hand.

I live across the country, so I started making monthly which turned into multiple times a way Facetime visits with my family. I decided that being available to my sister is more important than most things happening in work.

Life isn’t just about being successful and making money. Life is about embracing the relationships you have with your family and close friends. Life is about the journey. Not knowing the people who helped you become the person you are is a huge regret one has at the end of their life. Make sure you live life in the moment and love all those around you, fully knowing their time in your life will not be forever.