I started by realizing my sister is a bully. After years of abuse I finally had enough. I had a light bulb moment that she is a narcissist. I decided to go “No Contact.” I was so shocked that this even existed. I was under the impression a narcissist was a person that was just self-loving. Wow! So much deeper and darker than that.

I hit the reset button to take control of my new life without her in it. It’s been almost a year now. It wasn’t what I wanted, but know now it had to happen in order to have a peaceful life. Knowing there is not a cure, I cannot look back. She creates chaos where ever she goes and is the last thing that anyone would want in their lives.

I have blocked my sister from my phone, email and every means necessary. I have wasted too much time trying to figure out what is wrong with her.

I don’t wish her any ill will, I just want her away from me and my family. We’ve had the help of a therapist to guide us with ways to handle it with the rest of the family. It’s been the most trying year of our life so far. I would never wish this on anyone’s family. It’s so dysfunctional in every way. I would love to bring more awareness to it.