My goal has always been to keep learning and growing — challenging myself by doing things I’ve never done before.

I moved from London to New York and took a job at Bumble and Bumble, which at the time, was growing super fast. I was brought on by an amazing creative director who ended up leaving. When she left, the founder —  Michael Gordon — gently pushed me forward: “You can do this, you can do this.” It was fun and kind-of terrifying.

From there I went to Jawbone and being in that tech/lifestyle/fashion/wellness space was very, very cool and super interesting with a completely different set of people, and different set of problems to solve.

I think we have to put ourselves out there — it’s like falling backwards into the pool. You have to keep taking chances, like I did as VP, Creative Director at Glossier. I see people like Emily Weiss [founder of Glossier] — she’s an amazing example of someone who’s just got a belief and goes after it. She doesn’t second-guess herself. I think there’s so much we can learn from those women that are just doing it — putting their neck out doing it, working with the right people and forcing themselves to learn.

I love working with brands and I love solving problems whether it’s for a new idea or an existing idea that needs to be reimagined. My current reset as VP, Creative Director at Aruliden is allowing me to apply all I’ve learned working with different brands to lots of different companies.

I love feeling like I’m part of building a company. I love working with people and teams, and on the business side, great strategists. I’ll be learning from a team of superheroes, I guess.