I was presented with the opportunity to audition for a baking competition show. My shyness almost kept me from going for it, but I chose to be bold for myself and my children.

I reset my approach of how I pursue my dreams. I now believe that dreams are achievable, and by being bold it’s possible to live out my passions.

My oldest and dearest dreams of being creative and artistic have been hard for me to pursue. The risk of failing felt too intense. In recent years, I’ve used baking as a medium to be my creative self. It’s been amazing, but I’ve also been quite shy about it. When a friend told me about the possibility of competing on a baking show I felt curious… and terrified! I thought a lot about the example I want to be for my children. I definitely want them to pursue their biggest dreams. I decided to go for it. I applied, auditioned, made it on the show and, to my surprise, I won!

Since then, I’ve been checking off more dreams. I have started my own business. I’m baking cakes from my home and helping people celebrate their special occasions! I’m getting to think in a creative way every day! I didn’t think that would ever be more than my secret wish. I’m going to continue being brave and bold in the pursuit of my passions. I’m looking forward to seeing what other dreams can become realities. That’s my reset.