I had lived in San Francisco for most of my adult life, and loved the hustle bustle, the energy and culture, and the passion of its residents. But I realized a lot city dwellers get caught up in the momentum and put an expectation on themselves that they must succeed here in order to be successful in life; rather than actually enjoy their lives. I recognized I was caught up in this, and while I loved the city so much and had the absolute best of friends, I made the leap to change my home and move south to San Diego.

I reset my zip code, and with that, replaced my hours of commuting and fighting the crowds, with time to listen to myself and enjoy my community.

I had to make the conscious decision to table my habit of packing a calendar and traveling back to SF, and overcome my fear of being alone in a new town, with no friends, and no plans! Having the downtime allowed me focus my energy on figuring out what kind of life I want, and to develop a plan to achieve it.