My own personal reset happened when I finally surrendered and had faith that there was an energy and a presence that could guide my life better than I could and could create my dreams and my hopes. I just surrendered to a greater intelligence taking me on this journey.

I can honestly say that for most of my life things weren’t working. One day I had enough of it not working. That was really the reset moment. I said, I want a change. I want to live differently than my family, where I came from. I didn’t want that story.

To achieve the change, I really surrendered to a higher, greater, more wise, expanded service.

I started having a spiritual practice — 10 minutes and then 30 minutes a day. I started meditating and calling in the light and shimmering in that frequency of light.

You just lie down and imagine yourself in a cocoon. You can do it right now. Imagine yourself in a cocoon of light and start to feel your cells. They’re going to start to shimmer. It’s radiance. And in that shimmering, you’re communicating with the presence. You’re getting energy. You’re being rejuvenated. You’re getting information. Do this. Go there. And I met my husband…

I just got clarity. It’s letting clarity in. You want to get it by taking that moment to put yourself in that light. I do it every day.