I was tired of feeling like a “creative person” with nothing to show for it. My identity was at odds with my actions and I felt like a phony. The truth is, I’m hyper sensitive to rejection and never had the courage to put myself out there and let my creativity shine through.

I reset my outlook. It was as simple as that! Now if I want to try something new creatively, my philosophy is to imagine the worst thing that could happen if I pursued it. And then the best thing. If the best outweighs the worst (and it usually does) I go for it.

I started an Instagram account where I created little illustrations of the world as I see it, whether that be the silly, mundane situations I find myself in or deeper observations I’ve come to realize through experience. It’s a fun way to express myself, both visually and through words, while exercising my creative muscle. It may seem like a small thing to everyone else, but to me it was a gigantic first step in my creative journey. I can’t wait to see where it leads!