I was coasting.

I was finalizing my divorce, my girls were becoming young women and professionally, I was highly respected. So I was forced to reset my career. Out with the pension-earning long-time employees and in with the younger and cheaper. I get it. It was my time to make way for the next generation.

My youngest daughter always wanted a mom to greet her at the door after school with a warm plate of cookies. I always told her she really wouldn’t and proved that to her the day I made the cookies, played up the whole mom and apron thing and greeted her at the door with, well, burnt cookies. She claimed they were burnt, I claimed they were just… crisp.

After over 25 years working with a team of people, I was alone. That was the worst part.

I was lucky enough to have made many contacts in the industry so when I started my own business as a fashion editorial strategist I didn’t need to do a lot of self-promotion. I now get to use my knowledge in creating new and innovative content  instead of the same old what-jeans-make-my-butt-look-good stories that I had been doing annually. (Can you believe women still want to know?)

I like the feeling that I don’t have to climb the corporate ladder anymore. I love having my own time, I love being with my dog, emailing in bed. I chuckle when I hear others talk about office politics. My paychecks are inconsistent, I stress about medical insurance, I struggle sometimes, but I love my life. Because it’s totally mine.