My reset happened after leaving a bad marriage. Everything changed after I left — I felt freer, happier and ready to make positive changes in my life. Fourteen years of negativity did a job on my self-esteem, but once I released myself from it, my confidence started to blossom.

My husband Richard (second marriage) was also responsible for my reset as he encourages me to try new things and supports all of my ventures.

I reset pretty much everything — marriage, career and, most recently, retiring from my social work job of over 20 years to launch a non-profit. I’m in the middle of moving too — nothing like making lots of changes at once.

My career has been the most current and powerful reset. In addition to my side-business as a wardrobe stylist, I started blogging a few years ago… it’s still hard for me to believe that I’m modeling/blogging in my 50s. Who would have thunk it!

I’m also pursuing my dream of empowering women by starting up a non-profit called Uncommon Threads. This program is the perfect mix of all of my skill-sets (social worker and wardrobe stylist). Uncommon Threads is a “boutique style” clothing program for women in need, including domestic violence survivors, female veterans and disabled women. In five short months, we’ve received national recognition! I have big plans to expand, so stay tuned! 

My reset happened when I got the courage to leap into the unknown and take action. If we don’t try, we’ll never know what could be.  

Sarah Jordan Photography