How can you be in two meetings at the same time? 

I’m very adaptable; in fact it’s one of my strengths. I’m also very flexible; hell, I’ve been practicing yoga for a while. But when the toll of my job combined with the lack of balance in my life began to weigh to heavily on me, I decided to reset. It took time and patience, but I developed a plan to identify the intersect between my passion and strengths. My corporate job, daily commute and lack of sunshine (literally… living in Seattle) had taken too much “light” from my life.

In order to alter my career path, my outlook had to be positive and forward thinking. I decided to seek a more abundant life by switching careers with the intent to utilize all my skills for a better future. I knew that it would take creative thinking and the help of trusted friends and colleagues, so I developed a plan of action that started with my passion for exercise.

A career switch sometimes feels like jumping off a cliff, and while that sounds exhilarating to me (if there’s a giant deep pool of water below!), it’s very intimidating. In order to make take the leap, I had to think about a few key things.

First, I identified what is truly calling to me and what am I good at doing. I knew I loved being active, and I discovered that I chose working out and connecting with people as a priority in my free time.

Second, I took steps to further my knowledge of fitness by getting certified to teach classes. I became a certified Pilates instructor, barre instructor and then completed my RYT200 hour yoga teacher certification (all over the course of several years while working full time).

Third, I met with a financial planner to develop goals for my my career change and future needs. It’s critical to have realistic intentions for your lifestyle and budget.

Finally, I connected with people in the industry to build your network and establish support. It’s often said that you should surround yourself with successful people that will push you to be your greatest self.