I’m in the process of resetting. My life has always been about the pursuit of perfection. The best grades, the best body, the fastest career path to the top, the perfect relationship. With perfection comes stress, disappointment and an inability to enjoy the ride to success along the way, which oftentimes is just as sweet as success itself.

Having a baby is what sparked me to let go of perfection — nothing about motherhood is perfect, but every moment is to be cherished. I’m trying to apply that thinking to other aspects of my life.

I’m resetting my perspective: perfect is impossible. Good enough is just that, good enough. And sometimes, that’s all I need.

I’m trying — operative word, trying — to let go of the idea of perfection. I’m trying to adopt the mantra, “done is better than perfect,” in my personal and work life. Accepting imperfection means happier times in my life. It means getting more done, and making more time in my life to reach new goals. A 20-minute workout is better than no workout. A proposal outlining key themes but may not read like Shakespeare but it is better than missing a deadline and not having a chance to submit at all. A day of my baby spitting up and crying through nap time because she doesn’t like peas is better than her crying from illness or pain.

I’m trying to let go of thinking I can create or control perfection in my world. I can create happiness, patience and compassion, but I cannot change things beyond my control — the X factors that create an imbalance in the perfect system. I can only navigate through those imperfections, and understand that they, too, are also part of my journey to success and happiness.