In 2014, I broke my spine in a skiing accident. Actually, I broke about 10 bones, six of which were in my back. I could not function on my own for several months. I relied on my family and husband to do everything for me. Being in that condition was humbling. It was also very boring. I was used to working very hard at my job. Now I was forced to binge watch all kinds of shows and movies which was fine at first but eventually becomes monotonous. 

Before this, I was working with my husband. We created a drug and alcohol treatment program together. It was his vision when we met. I was helping him with a lot of the “behind the scenes” work. When I broke my spine I saw it as a wake up call to start something new and pursue a new passion.

After months of being bedridden, I started to ask myself why none of my pajamas or loungewear was comfortable enough to wear all day. Isn’t that the point of loungewear? So, I started my reset by designing.

I took things that I loved from many different inspirations and blended them together to make what I considered the perfect product. I never imagined making a pajama and loungewear line (it certainly was not my background), but I did — Raven and Crow. It’s a little company with a lot of heart and a crazy amount of enthusiasm for doing the right thing in the fashion industry. I hope the women who wear these pieces are proud because I know I am.