My “reset story” actually happened due to some life changing events almost 10 years ago.

I was happily married for one year and was working in a job I really loved. I got promoted very fast and my husband and I were starting to talk about having kids. It seemed as though my life was going the right direction.

I found out that my husband was having an affair at the same time my work visa was about to expire. From having the life I wanted (or at least thought I wanted) and being on top of my game, everything collapsed.

Soon I was that woman who was getting a divorce and waiting for her papers. Jobless and heartbroken, I found myself touring the streets of New York with my pocket camera, taking some pictures with no agenda. As I was mostly depressed and always thinking about what I did wrong (that made my husband have an affair), the camera was a tool for me to re-connect to reality and get out of my thoughts. The pictures made everything look more beautiful than it was. The grungy graffiti I shot in Lower Manhattan was actually beautiful, colorful and artistic. 

I knew the only way was up. The question was when and where. What direction. 

One of my girlfriends signed me up for a self-awareness seminar to help me cope with my divorce and to help me arrange my thoughts. One day the coach was asking me a question: If you could choose your dream job, what would it be? I thought about two of my passions: travel and photography. How to combine between the two? Become a travel photographer. 

I started taking some photography classes. One thing led to another and almost 30 classes later, I am a teacher’s assistant. I have contacted travel photographers I have admired asked them for feedback, asked them how to build a portfolio and who to contact. I was not shy about asking questions. When I got my first image published in one of my favorite travel magazines, I was thrilled. It was the start of a new career and making a dream job into reality.