Last year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. That changed everything for me.

As a fitness professional for over 20 years, I made being healthy and strong, and encouraging others to do the same, my life’s work.

Exercise makes you stronger for life is my philosophy, and the belief that when you respect and train your body, when it’s uncomfortable, when you don’t feel like it, you develop the kind of strength and mental discipline that allows you to take on any challenge life throws at you. With my diagnosis, life gave me the biggest challenge.

I had to reset my mind and my spirit. 

Experiencing the vulnerability of the unknown during this journey, the vulnerability of sharing it with others, has added more to what it means for me to be strong.  And despite some dark days, I’m grateful for that. 

I’m getting better everyday, back to teaching and back to my community – whose support has been overwhelming and I am truly grateful.  

This process has forced a reset to my philosophy in a way I could never have imagined. As my body gets stronger so will my mental fortitude, and I’ll continue to take on whatever life throws at me.