I hit 39 after a decade of struggle that saw me overcome traumatic brain injury and two near-fatal crashes, plus years of physical issues. I got angry that my life felt so meaningless and boring. I decided I was going to pay off my debt and do something that would blow my mind and make me feel like I was living the big life I’d always dreamt I’d have.

I became a digital nomad at the age of 42 and have been traveling the world for 20 months now. I have no home, — just my bag — and I work wherever I go. I’ve seen 16 countries, heard 11 languages I’ve failed to learn and have at least three more years to come. I found my big life.

First, I moved to a cheaper city where I knew no one and would have no demands on my time. I threw myself into my work and within 18 months I doubled my income, then I increased it even more.

I paid down about 85% of my debt.

I followed travelers and nomads throughout social media. I watched travel documentaries and movies filmed abroad. I researched visas and cost-of-living indexes, traveller tips and so much more. It took two-and-a-half years of research and working six days a week.

A week before my 42nd birthday, I sold everything and left my home behind. It’s been hard, vexing, unexpected, yet awesome, rewarding and oh, so worth it.

Photo courtesy of Sean Cranbury.