My reset sort of happened and as a matter of fact is still happening not by my own choice. I realize now that it happened for a reason and it had to happen.

The business that I am a 50 percent shareholder in has hit some fairly rocky times — we had to give up our office and move to working from home. Everyone who knows me knows that this was one of my biggest fears; I spent 12 years in New York working in the very fast-paced financial industry surrounded by skyscrapers before moving to London and all of a sudden found myself in my apartment trying to figure out how all of this happened. I felt lost, felt I had to keep busy 24/7, painstakingly continue to visualize success and new clients with the aim of returning to a proper office space again in as little time as possible.

And then I began to appreciate the idea of more time. I started to read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now, books by Wayne Dyer etc.

My thinking shifted.

I began to realize that this time of reflection was what I desperately needed.

All of a sudden, I realized what I really wanted out of life. The old business and constant pursuit of money and survival and competition and negativity was not how I was meant to live my life.

What did I do and how am I resetting? Pretty much all of it — my outlook on life, my career and what I am meant to do, my desire for relationships (I somehow always felt that I did not need it and much less wanted it), diet and how I take care of myself, exercise — all of it.

  • Daily meditation (ah meditation by Wayne Dyer);
  • Visualization;
  • Practice of gratitude;
  • Practice of conscious awareness, living in the now and most important and most liberating for me – realizing that my thoughts are NOT who I am;
  • Thoughts can be great, but let’s face it, most of our thoughts are negative and self-defeating and don’t help a great deal;
  • Eckhart Tolle’s teachings changed my life and are continuing to do it on a daily basis.