I started feeling this way on my last birthday. I just turned 51 in February and all of a sudden I realized more now than ever, that this is it. One life, with so many opportunities in front of me and so much experience behind me.

I don’t want to be 30 again, I don’t want to be 40 again, been there. I want to be in my 50s and forward kicking butt!

My personal motto is getting empowered everyday… What am I saving, eating better, feeling better, feeling stronger, embracing my strengths and talents, having the courage to ask for what I want, actually… what I DESERVE?

We are told as women directly or indirectly through so many different ways, sometimes even by ourselves, to dim down our light. At my age, I need glasses to read and drive at night, so my light needs to be turned all the way up at all times.

I have the most amazing 12-year-old daughter. I am trying my best to encourage her to try new things and have faith in herself and her choices. How about the Mama? I know I’ve got her back and now I’ve got my own.

I have been telling my interior design clients for years that they are good enough to eat off of their good dishes. Don’t save it for someday or someone else.

My motto has been developing for sometime for the benefit of others, now I’m listening and embracing it for me.

I feel strong and happier and most important, truly Me.