For the last six months of 2016, I felt very uninspired and overwhelmed with the fashion world and my own business. When there is too much of the same thing, I lose interest.

Perhaps my age has a bit to do with my own personal feelings. I felt it was time to shift a few things around. I was in Hawaii over the holidays where I was making an appearance at a trunk show at the Four Seasons to showcase my swimwear line, when the moment of resetting hit me. 

The right person crossed my path. When she kindly gave me several compliments in how I assisted her when trying the swimsuits validated my feelings. I thought, this is a turning point.

I feel gifted with a huge amount of confidence about what I make and how this product is more then just a piece of garment. When creating I pay attention to finest details and I always keep in mind women’s body changes, and imperfections rather than the latest fashion trend. The product comes with my auto affirmation to provide a complete package to help women feel good about themselves, I always say: “Isn’t it naked that we need to look best? “ 

If my words of encouragement be so powerful that contribute to make women feel better about themselves, why not offer that along with the swimwear I create? 

Words of encouragement are very powerful and if you know when and how to speak those kind words you already are a winner!

In the end your body is what you want it to be. You can neglect the looks or work hard to make it look better and that applies to everything else in life.