It’s been a tough last decade, losing loved ones, injuries, surgeries, mounting medical bills, loss of employment, weight gain from the injuries, rehabilitation just to learn to walk again, living with daily pain and with a family that has a penchant for drama.

Enough is enough! Life will always throw us undesired events, but I fear no flame, for I am the fire!

I am resetting what I am willing to accept of myself, and what I am willing to accept from others.

I have changed my diet, eliminating processed foods and trying desperately to cut down on sugar. I am back to working out and activating those endorphins. I am eliminating negative people from my life and creating a means to be self-employed, so I can continue to work hard, but smarter now for my personal good and growth. Remembering that I’m not promised tomorrow, therefore to live in the now and to create a daily zen moment.

No matter how bad a day may seem, I will always look for my silver linings, be thankful for my blessings and always pay it forward.

My initials are N.O. but I say yes to life.