I had not dated for 14 years when I met a man who lived 1600 miles away. We decided I’d move to where he lived, so I quit my job, sold my house, packed a little of what I had in my car and left my kids and grandkids behind.

When I moved in with him, everything changed. He turned out to be a fraud. Everything in my life was upside down. I had nothing — even my kids turned their backs on me. I had nowhere to go. I was broke and had not a friend in the world.

I trusted God and he showed me the way. An old boyfriend contacted me out of the blue. I told him a little bit of my story and he flew to Kansas to drive me back to Washington. He gave me a place to live. I found a great job and started rebuilding myself.

I am doing things I never dreamed I’d do. Finding myself has been a beautiful thing. Realizing I did not love me put me on the path to a beautiful road straight to me. Now I know I am loved and very important!!! Life is built on mistakes if you make none you learn nothing. ❤️❤️❤️

I took a chance and failed. I didn’t know I was looking for myself. I thought I was looking for a man to love me but I was looking to love myself. 

I gave up everything not knowing that my biggest mistake would be my best mistake and I’d get to discover a more beautiful version of myself.