I had just separated from my husband.

Within the same month my mother was diagnosed with liver cancer. This was too much to take on at one time so I vowed to myself that loving anyone else was not an option. I watched my mother struggle with this beast. She passed away six months after her diagnosis.

I will never again love like I loved her. I will raise my 10-year-old daughter and that’s enough. No one could ever love me like my mother!

Fast forward four years. He messaged me and wanted to drive 11 hours to come see me. I was so sure that it would never work. How could I love after losing someone so important to me?

He touched my shoulder and I could feel the warmth, my soul recognized what I’ve been missing. I turned to him and said, “I’m broken.”

He replied, “Together we can put you back together.” At that very moment I knew love was available to me. Not just through my mother but he could love me. My life hasn’t been the same since I reopened my heart and realized it’s ok to be loved again.