I definitely reset my life four years ago when I decided to start my first beauty brand, Dirty Little Secret.

I went to college for marketing and advertising, but I always wanted to do something with the beauty industry. I actually didn’t even want to go to college — I wanted to go to beauty school but my parents said no.

After school, I realized I did not want to be working in an office and doing a nine-to-five job. I wanted to be a beauty entrepreneur. I had 12,000 followers on social media and back then, that was a decent amount. I wanted to do makeup professionally, but I also looked at the long plan. What would I be doing when I was 50? What was my ultimate plan? I decided I wanted to start a makeup line. 

I took a loan from my dad, who seemed happy I was finally motivated to do somethingI went to beauty school and got my certification to become a professional makeup artist. I freelanced for a year while the company was in its early stages, and now I work solely for my company.