Accepting an ex-pat posting in Brazil in support of my husband’s career changed the trajectory of my life.

The plan had been to return home after a two-year adventure so I could continue climbing the corporate ladder as a marketing executive at Pepsi. But instead of returning to New York, I became a CMO of an entirely different sort – Chief Moving Officer of my family.

We relocated four times over a period of 10 years both internationally and domestically. Coping with the stress of serial relocation was challenging, like experiencing an identity crisis every two-to-three years. My type-A approach wasn’t sustainable. To survive, I had to release my need for control and learn to go with the flow.

Once we stopped moving, I heard my inner voice whispering “What about me?” Tired of tolerating and rationalizing, the voice started to get more insistent, “Enough giving to everyone else — it’s my turn!” While I knew I had to make changes, I felt stuck, overwhelmed and uncertain where to begin, so I hired a coach.

Ultimately, I returned to school, becoming certified in Applied Positive Psychology and then in Professional Coaching. Through both programs, I learned research-driven assessments, tools and practices and applied them to my own life. Released from feeling the need to please, perform and perfect based on what I believed I should be doing, the process of self-discovery led me back to my authentic self. I reconnected to my personal values and unique strengths.

I found a new purpose — helping women fearlessly embrace change with the confidence of knowing they can handle anything.