I left Wall Street after 15 years and worked at an internet start-up for a year in San Francisco.

After the start-up, I decided to do my first intensive fast, which lasted multiple weeks. When the fast was complete, I put all my things in storage. I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of traveling to Australia, Fiji and New Zealand on a one-way ticket.

On my way from New Zealand to Australia to get on a dive boat for a month in the Great Barrier Reef, I started to cry with joy. The steward came over to me and asked me if I was okay. I could not believe that my dream was becoming a reality. I was going to be going to spend time in Australia to scuba dive in one of the most amazing places in the world.

This was the beginning of a journey which changed my life’s course. I continued to struggle up and down, going from my “old” life to this new adventure, to get comfortable with it. However, now I am free. I feel free that my choices are my choices. Not my parents’ choices, not my friends’ choices, not the mainstreams’ choices, but mine.