I was sitting in bed and I burst into tears.

I remember thinking, there has to be more — I have to be doing more with my life.

I was waiting to find out the results from a lump removed from my right breast. Every time the phone rang I jumped. Was this it? Was this my story? I remember sitting there in my pajamas and feeling so sorry for myself.

In the end, it was just what I needed to kickstart my blogging journey.

That was late August of 2015, and when I write this or think back on that story it gives me a newfound energy and appreciation for why I started it all. 

I launched my blog Champagne + Macaroons in February of 2015 and when I hit publish on my first post, it was beyond terrifying. I remember sitting watching the screen and thinking, is there someone else possibly out there who is also reading this right now?

Humble beginnings with no real purpose or focus have evolved into something I know, love and adore. There are so many things I want to do and so many things I will do with the brand. I am just getting started, and this is my story.