I do a lot of yoga, and I find that yoga is a great reset for me. I can do it whenever I need it.

When I step onto my mat, it almost feels like when you’re resetting your computer, you know? When you’re just sort of realigning everything? And for me, the deep breathing and the motion of yoga is what helps me reset in my daily life.

I started doing it about two years ago. It was at a time I was undergoing a lot of personal stress. I wanted to have time for myself. I found it very helpful to manage my stress in a healthy way.

I’ve walked into a yoga studio completely stressed out, thinking, “Oh, my gosh. I don’t have time to be here.” But by the end, I’ve completely recovered and I feel balanced. I’ve not solved all my problems or made the stressors go away — it’s just that I can approach it from a much more constructive point of view. It’s my stress management tip.

There are a lot of health benefits too. It’s great for balancing and strength. I do Vinyassa yoga with moves that are like push-ups and lunges — it can get pretty intense. I find that in one hour, I can address a lot of different issues.

The other thing I like about yoga, is that no matter what your size is or your health conditioning–your physical conditioning–everyone can do yoga. And a lot of it has to do with breathing, because when you learn to breathe deeply, it’s a way for you to reset, even if you can’t go to yoga.  I can go into a quiet place and do ten minutes of deep breathing and I am completely refreshed.