I recently hit a milestone birthday and decided it was time to really take on being an adult. I reset my style in order to always present the truest version of myself. Gone are all the articles of clothing that other people wanted me to buy.

I did four things:

  • First, I Marie Kondo-ed my closet. I sold, donated or otherwise got rid of anything in my closet that didn’t fit right, wasn’t my style, looked worn or was just sitting there. I only kept items that I loved and would definitely wear;
  • Second, I met with a stylist. She and I talked about how I wanted present myself and how I wanted to look and feel;
  • Third, I went to a lingerie shop and got properly fitted for all of my undergarments. This wasn’t about buying sexy bras; this was about buying properly fitting bras. This was an essential step in the whole process. I now get fitted for bras once a year to make sure everything stays in its proper place;
  • Finally, I made a list of items missing from my wardrobe. I only shop for items on this list and it keeps me on track and my closet uncluttered.