At age 60, my experience of “aging gracefully” was not going as anticipated in pretty much any area I could think of…

The area I am thinking of now is the simple one of moving. Getting up in the morning had become a dread – an activity filled with pain, sluggishness and unpleasantness. Trying to get down the stairs fast enough before one of the dogs peed on the floor was hellish on my knees, back and feet. Plus, there were countless daily activities I could no longer do easily – putting on my socks, tying my shoes, getting in and out of the tub, reaching into the backseat of the car – these were all taking more and more effort to do and it was beginning to bog me down and effect my attitude.

Recalling some of the things that went into turning this around, I remember a very particular moment when I caught a glimpse of myself in a storefront reflection. A deep, life-altering voice in my head said,  “This isn’t me.” and in that moment I knew it was true. What I saw did not match who I knew I really was and it was startling on a level I had seemingly been asleep to for a long time.

A few moments later, a prayer that I used to recite back in my 20s (when I only thought I was overweight) came back to me.

The prayer is this:

Dear God,
Please show me what you had in mind when you made me and how you want me now.

Simple, yet powerful, thus started what would involve many, many changes and subsequent resets in the weeks and months ahead that led to losing 65 pounds and ultimately getting my body and life back.