After two years of the same job, being completely stressed out and having a drink or two every night to relax, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I was on call during the week and every other weekend. I began noticing how much my job would interfere with my personal life. My kids wanted my attention and I never had time. I’d tell them I was busy with work.

Then one day I  just “woke up”, and I said to myself NO MORE. I was tired of it all. I was tired of coming home crying because of the way my coworkers treated me. Tired of complaining to my boss day after day and nothing happening. Tired of drinking after work just to relax (I would always need just one more…). And I was tired of my boss texting me seven days a week for work and for “have a good weekend” texts. I was done with it all.

I turned in my notice on a Monday and my last day was the day after I came home crying for the millionth time.

I still am in the process of changing. I got a job with my local school district at an elementary school as cafeteria cashier working four hours a day. My husband and I are also now traveling more, something we talked about doing now that our children are getting ready to go to college.

I am in the process of getting my health together. I have been going through the beginning stages of menopause and I lacked any energy. I was stress-eating and drinking and it needed to stop. I am at the heaviest I have ever been. I am looking to go vegetarian – no processed foods, no fast food, no alcohol.

And I need to incorporate exercise. This will be very difficult for me as moving more is something I hate doing. I used to be a workout guru about eight years ago, but now it’s hard to get back into that routine. I know to take baby steps.

Every day is a new day. I already am happier and more enjoyable to be around since my career change. I just need to get my body moving with this new reset. ????????????