For more than a decade I led the marketing and growth strategies for a regional commercial bank, bolstering the bank’s top line, growing from $100 million to over $2.1 billion in assets. The company consolidated operations and relocated headquarters out of state. And instead of walking into my beautiful corner office feeling like I was growing each day, I felt like I was withering. 

I reset my career by starting a new business. Not only did I start one business, I founded a company with three distinct divisions that offered complementary services under one umbrella.

We launched Invested Traveler, corporate events management services that deliver increased team collaboration, employee and client engagement and incentive travel rewards/recognition. Through our consulting practice, we are helping businesses improve their brands and positioning. And we are currently preparing to launch our Windus collection of luxury travel accessories lifestyle brand at airports across the U.S. as well as luxury resorts and hotels.

I moved from my hometown of Chicago to California for a job. In retrospect, I built my life around that job and when I left it, to my surprise, some of my relationships ended too.

I love the line from the movie “Collateral Beauty” that said “shed your skin, live your life.” It’s the best metaphor for how I was able to make room for these new endeavors and new relationships that best align with my vision and outlook once I shed a job and other things that were no longer fit.

Since starting on this journey, I myself have been an invested traveler, traveling to Copenhagen as invited guest lecturer at Roskilde University; curated a travel and gastronomy experience around the changing “new Nordic” cuisine; built our company’s Health and Heritage travel tour to Paris and “Experiences That Change Y(our) World,” our philanthropic-focused travel program to the Caribbean. I would never have amassed all of these experiences, opportunities and growth, while I was sitting behind a desk, withering.