My reset started because of excruciating and debilitating back pain and stress that began when I worked in the United States Senate in Washington, D.C.

The physical pain and mental anxiety had gotten so bad that I would take Advil every day and usually drink wine at night to try and relax my back and my mind’s stress. It felt like it was forever going to be part of me and my life.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I had never really heard a lot about energy work, much less practiced yoga. I continued to deal with back pain and intense anxiety when a friend recommended I see an energy healer and start taking more yoga classes.

At this point, the back pain had gotten so bad that while on vacation with my now husband, I questioned how long I could go on living with the debilitating feelings.

When I went in for my first energy sessions, what I thought would be a reset of my physical body soon become a reset of my mental and emotional self as well. Up until that point, I had not associated how related mental and emotional pain were to physical pain.

I started to receive energy work more regularly, take yoga classes and slowly pay more attention to what my body was consuming. As time went on, I changed careers and became an entrepreneur. At first, it added more stress and the pain flared up again.

I soon met a Reiki Master and began going in for sessions that included EFT (emotional freedom technique – aka tapping). After months of sessions, I could feel enormous amounts of pain leaving my body. I soon started studying reiki and after several years, became a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner.

It was a long and beautiful journey that still continues today… all reminding me and teaching me about the importance of being connected to my emotional, mental and physical well-being… how much we feel our emotions with our entire being.

I had no idea how much pain I was carrying and how buried my emotions had been for so many years of my life. The reset and journey I went on was not one I could have ever predicted, but I’m so grateful to have found the healing energy of reiki and so many other alternative modalities. My life has changed dramatically from this reset and inquiry into myself.

There are still times when my back may feel moderate pain or when I feel stressed and anxious, but I now have this enormous tool kit of self-loving practices to come home to. I’m acutely aware of how to tend to myself, how to love myself, to honor my needs and feel my emotions so I can come back into the balance and harmony I prefer to feel.