I was a go-go-go kind of gal, climbing the corporate ladder as a magazine editor-in-chief, while raising two small children with my husband, writing my first poetry book, working out daily and well, not slowing down or taking the time to meditate. Ever.

Then two years ago, I was in a car accident that left me with a concussion and other injuries that took almost a year to recover from, along with 40 extra pounds I needed to lose.

In 2016, when I turned 40, I decided I was tired of letting myself be defined by a split-second crash and took action:

  1. I joined a gym and started working with a trainer – to date, I’ve lost about 35 pounds and focus on strengthening my body rather than the scale. I worked with a nutritionist to redefine the best way to fuel my body.
  2. I worked with a stress management professional to calm my post-accident anxiety attacks, and I’ve added daily meditation practice into my schedule. My panic attacks have all but vanished.
  3. I started writing a new poetry collection that focuses on my children and the time that we have together – how precious that is, that I’ve learned to live more in the moment.

I’m still a reset in progress, but I’m proud of the person I’m becoming. I’m empowered to make decisions that have a positive impact on my life – eating healthy food, working out, going for walks with my children, shutting down work email at the end of the day, going on date nights with my husband, getting enough sleep.

Keeping in balance isn’t easy, but it’s important and I make it a priority to give myself credit for the good I do and to make time for what feeds my soul.