I left a 16-year banking career with the same company, and for the first time in over two decades, was job-free, completely unblocked and ready to reset for my next adventure!

I felt free and to be honest, at times, it was kind of like playing hooky being out and about on a weekday (if you work in an office, you know exactly what I mean). Living in Manhattan, Central Park is essentially my backyard so I was thrilled to spend time wandering around the 843 acres of loveliness in the middle of the city in the middle of the day.

One morning, I simply needed to be “barefoot in the park” so I went to Sheep Meadow and having nothing to sit on in the grass I used my jacket. I took off my shoes, reclined, planted my feet firmly in the turf and then… Yuck, I felt the water from the damp grass begin to seep through my jacket. Lovely moment interruptus! At that moment, I had a vision for an easily transportable, soft and water-repellent product that I wanted to buy to alleviate future “wet bum.” Shockingly, I could not find said product anywhere on the market.

Being in this “unblocked” state of mind, I allowed myself to sharply visualize this ideal product that people on-the-go should have and gave myself permission to leave my comfort zone professionally and commit to creating this product from scratch. Granting myself permission completely reset my life.

Despite a lack of design background, no experience with inventing and very little knowledge about retail or intellectual property (keep in mind I had always worked for established corporations), I pushed those “unknowns” aside and journeyed into a world without the two things that had kept me at my previous job: security and the familiar.  

I continuously apply my knowledge and past experiences to the future and when I do not have an answer or a skill, have grown accustomed to asking family and friends for help and hiring experts who know what I do not. The unexpected opportunity to invent a product arose because my mind, heart and soul were reset and open enough to depend on my instincts and faith in myself.

After 15 prototypes, working around the clock, patents, a trademark, personal funding and a whirlwind of emotions, RestoPresto was launched to the market via a Kickstarter campaign that was successfully overfunded. The acclaim for my unique compact pouch that converts to a thin, water-repellent, soft layer that has snaps, drawstrings and loops so that it can be configured to sit on, sit under and wear has been amazing!

I have repeat customers who are loyal, a waiting list for colors that are out of stock and the product has gotten serious press. While I build the RestoPresto brand, I have also supplied the demand for the knowledge that only comes from hands-on experience by launching an advisory business to help my fellow innovators bring their product ideas to fruition.

Amazing things will happen when you go with your instincts to give yourself permission to reset and take an enormous leap into the unknown!