I’d been making my living as a professional writer since 1986, first as a sports reporter/columnist for a newspaper, then as a web columnist/blogger. Starting about 2004 or so, I began writing a journey memoir. I put it down and picked it up a few times and was finally ready to publish.

In my mindset, real writers published conventionally. I was a seasoned journalist and I had a snobbery about self-publishing. But it took a few years to get a literary agent and then a two-year contract with her expired. Where did the time go? While we’d had some bites, ultimately my “platform” wasn’t big enough for a book deal.

More and more people suggested self-publishing and I began doing some research. Suddenly I was open to the idea of giving birth to this project that was begging to be out in the world.

My outlook started to dramatically shift. After about a month of pondering this I felt an excitement about the idea of not only controlling what was in the book, but creating the vehicle that would house it. The creator in me was awakened and stimulated to the possibilities.

The next thing I knew I was on Amazon selecting fonts for my e-book via Kindle. It took a lot of learning and a ton of perseverance, but once I had a finished product I was so thrilled.

At this point I was still in the mindset of “well, Nancy, you can create an e-book, but come on, you can’t pull off a paperback.” However, once I started promoting the e-book, I kept getting questions about when the paperback would be available. The pull was too great. I couldn’t resist the challenge.

I burrowed into CreateSpace night after night and met each challenge it presented. I learned so much. “Alive in the Sunshine” was birthed in 2016 and I am getting so much positive feedback. Aside from putting myself through college, it is the accomplishment I am most proud of in my life.