Two major life events caused me to make changes in my career. The first happened when my daughter got her driver’s license and a car. Suddenly I had a lot more time which made me realize that time was running out. I spent 10 years as a ghostwriter, helping other people tell their stories and land their books on the New York Times Bestseller Lists. Those were the years I devoted to motherhood so I had little regret because it afforded me plenty of free time.

The second factor in my reset happened when a client refused to stick to the terms of our agreement and I had to sue to receive royalties. While struggling with the anger and pain of the betrayal I realized that there was another way of looking at my situation. This was a wake-up call, pushing me to invest in myself and to write my own books.

I reset my career. Instead of staying in the shadows I threw myself into the process of writing for myself. I am now in the throes of a creative renaissance, allowing the ideas that once languished in order to write for other people today I only work on projects that I either create or co-create.

I let go of ghostwriting and now only take jobs-for-hire where I am guaranteed shared credit and profits. I’ve returned to blogging in order to promote the issues and causes that matter to me, namely eating disorders and bringing awareness to ACES (adverse childhood experiences) and helping people to realize they can overcome childhood trauma.

Currently, I have a spate of projects in various phases of development including books, film, and television that allow me to use my voice.