Have a good day!

How many times have we heard this phrase? The truth is there are some very simple and positive ways to start the day.

  1. Be Grateful Start your day with gratitude. As soon as you wake up, lay in bed and make a list in your head of everything for which you feel grateful. Make sure to list at least 25 things. If you are reading this I am certain that will be an easy number to reach.
  2. Move Get out into the day. Dance, walk, skip, jump around, wiggle, do downward dog. Move that body in the sunshine. After I wake up, I start with my head and skull down to my toes and touch every part of me to acknowledge that I exist. I celebrate my realness. I say “my head,” “my precious lips,” “my neck,” etc. –  it’s a very loving process. I never use the word “love” but just the simple acknowledgment is enough.
  3. Meditate Sit still, breathe and soak in the present moment if only for 10 minutes. End that process with a moment of “asking,” similar to prayer but not religious. Simply ask that your higher self be with you all through the day, guiding your thinking and actions.

Biet Simkin is known for her take on modern mindfulness. She is the in-house meditation leader and “Mindfulness Guru” at 1 Hotels. She is the founder of the Center of the Cyclone, an immersive experience that weaves meditation, self-inquiry, art, music and fashion, and has worked with MoMALululemon, SoulCycle, Sundance Film Festival, Wanderlust and more.