Dealing with difficult people is something that we all face whether you’re a parent, a child, a consumer, a merchant, a business owner or more. These situations, when approached with a negative attitude, can lead to unhealthy confrontations that include arguing and violence. Being aware is one of the most important things to remember as well as listening to what is being said. 

  1. Keep Your Cool Self-control is everything when avoiding conflicts.
  2. Problem Solve Be more proactive and less reactive. Look for a solution.
  3. Be Choosy Pick your battles. Avoid unnecessary conflicts.
  4. Keep Focus Focus on the issue at hand, not the individual.

Dealing with difficult people is almost always a learning experience. For every positive and negative situation, we should learn how to effectively deal should this same situation arise at a later date. Knowledge and communication is power especially when dealing with difficult people. As long as you can remain in control of your actions/reactions, the dispute will be controlled. 

Tyra S. Gardner is a psychotherapist and nationally certified anger management specialist specializing in individual, family, relationship and sex therapy, grief and loss, depression, anxiety and phobias.