Do you feel like your muffin top is getting way out of hand? We’ve all been there before, and the only way to zap that fat away is by working out and toning your body! Try these amazing workouts that will get your body lean and bikini ready for the summertime.

  1. Crunches are the classic exercises for getting your belly toned. This exercise targets and strengthens your core, so definitely don’t skip out on this one!
  2. Planks Many people believe planks only focus on your core, but that’s not entirely true. Doing planks takes strength from your whole body, including your ab muscles. Incorporate this workout to your routine for a flatter, toned belly!
  3. Squats When done right, squats focus not only on your thighs and booty, but also your belly! Zap that fat off your lower belly by doing squats the next time you head to the gym.
  4. Deadlifts may seem intimidating, but they’re a crucial exercise to getting Insta-worthy abs! Lifting takes strength from your whole body, so doing this exercise will help get everything toned by your next beach trip!

This story was originally published on SheFinds