Color is an amazing source of energy, has the power to calm and soothe your emotions, elevate your mood and stimulate your senses. Different colors produce different emotional, physical and psychological effects based on your experiences and connections to those colors.

If you have ever chosen a color based on how you were feeling — perhaps wearing dark moody colors when you were feeling down or adding a bright yellow scarf to your outfit when you were feeling happy — you understand the effects that color can have. You can easily change your vibe, in your home and in your wardrobe by adding mood-enhancing colors like these for fall.

  1. Grenadine is an orange-red color filled with passionIn fact, few other colors grab attention quite like this tone does. Add this color when you need to lift yourself out of an emotional rut. Red is sexy, so aim to include red in parts of the home where passion reigns supreme. If all-over red is not for you, consider adding accents to your home or wardrobe to elevate your mood. Add a brightly colored throw to your chair or sofa or find pillows in this bright, energetic color. Think about a red purse, shoes or a hot red blazer. If dressing in red is outside your comfort zone, consider a bold red lipstick. Even the simplest little black dress looks instantly sophisticated when paired with a red lip.
  2. Ballet Slipper pink is subdued, sophisticated, soft and tranquil while exuding the rosy glow of health. Its peacefulness promotes a better balance of energy. When you think about it, pink is just a “turned-down” version of red, with the addition of pure white softening the edge that red can bring. So, consider wearing – or decorating with pink – anywhere you might use red. The rosy glow of this soft hue will bring a healthy atmosphere to your home. Treat yourself.
  3. Shaded Spruce unites blue and green using elements of the forest with the soothing blue tones of water and sky. This dark teal is restful and rejuvenating. Adding this blue-green color to your home brings in nature’s balance without being boring. Shaded spruce pairs well with rich wood tones, bright white, gold and creams. The blue undertones of this deep teal make it a versatile color to add to your wardrobe — pair with browns, grays and neutrals for a rejuvenating pick me up.
  4. Marina Blue is both brilliant and tranquil, and the coolest color for fall. It has a tremendous effect on stress by encouraging calmness. You can dress head-to-toe in this blue and feel rejuvenated. Add a swipe of electric blue on the eyes or a bright blue scarf for some flair. Infuse marina blue into your home with beautiful Spanish tile or by painting a room this vibrant color. 
  5. Golden Lime balances the powers of green with sunny and cheerful yellow. This bright tone is sure to up your enthusiasm, lift your spirits and combat stress. Instantly perk up a room or your wardrobe. The intellectually stimulating effect of this citrusy green color makes it a positive pick for a study room or playroom. Refresh your rooms with lime accent pieces, rugs, pillows or even a bowl of limes.

Moll Anderson is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, television and radio host, interior designer, life stylist and advocate for women and children globally. Her most recent book is “Change Your Life, Change Your Home with Color: What’s Your Color Story?”