Mom knew best when she said to eat your vegetables. Food is one of the most powerful resources we have to enhance our beauty and increase our overall wellness. Consuming nutrient-rich foods aid and support our skin’s essential functions, including the regeneration of your skin cells. Conversely, processed foods, chemical toxins and low nutrient diets actually accelerate the aging process. No thank you. 

What is the simplest way to feed your skin from the inside out? Read on for easy tips you can integrate into your life (and your kitchen)…

  1. Plant-centric If you’re like us, your wardrobe likely consists of mostly neutral colors (guilty as charged), but your diet certainly shouldn’t. Embrace the rainbow of produce and steer your diet in the plant-centric direction. Choose whole, unrefined (or minimally refined) plants, fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Those foods pave the way towards healthy skin. The foundation of your meals should be seasonal organic vegetables and fruits, with a smaller amount of proteins and healthy fats, which help you absorb essential beauty nutrients. The exact quantity of carbs, fats and proteins you eat varies with your individual needs (see also: Bio-Individuality), dietary theories and practices.
  2. Whole Foods The majority of your food should resemble its most natural state. When possible, choose organic and opt for as minimally processed as is possible. Eat these foods raw or lightly cooked and avoid overcooking as it diminishes its nutritional value.
  3. Nutrient Rich Foods are either dense with nutrients or sorely lacking. To leverage the benefits of these living proteins and minerals, make sure the majority of your meal is packed with the best nutrients. The more full you are on the good stuff, the less room you will have for nutrient-deficient foods that don’t serve your health or skin at all.
  4. Varied in Type and Color As with any routine, even good ones can get stale and leave you in a rut. Be sure to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and change it up according to the season. Eating a full color spectrum of fruits and vegetables nourishes your body with the highest concentration of antioxidants and phytonutrients.
  5. Bio-Individuality™ No one way of eating can work for everyone. As you begin thinking about food and how you can feed your skin, consider your unique tastes, preferences and nutritional requirements.

For inner beauty you can see, as with all wellness practices, remember it’s the culmination of efforts that will eventually lead you to become your healthiest and most vibrant self.

Well Within is a plant-based beauty and wellness e-commerce brand co-founded by seasoned beauty executives and skincare mavens Lynne Florio and Renee Tavoularis. Well Within is the online marketplace for Planted in Beauty, a collection of natural, organic, plant-based skincare.