This is an easy way to reboot your whole body and lose inflammation quickly, putting you on the road to good health. The main goal of this diet is to cool down inflammation. Chronic inflammation makes us depressed, tired, sick and old before our years. This is a super simple way to drop what inflames the body, inside and out, and stresses the mind. It’s a clear way back to optimal wellness.

This shift to a lifestyle will build a stronger, healthier you with gorgeous skin. You’ll feel better all the time. Start with six weeks — you will have a clear sense of how easily this can work for you, how the foods you eat really affect you and how much better you feel without inflammatory agents in your life. Reset your health to be ageless.  

  1. Focus on nourishment Stop dieting and shift your focus to what you can eat. Plenty of real, whole foods. The rainbow of fruits, vegetables, legumes, pasture-raised animal protein, plant proteins, whole grains, seeds and nuts. Eat whole, organic, real food and take a few key supplements for targeted support. (Supplement recommendations: a great multi-vitamin, omega-3s, B-complex, a really good probiotic)
  2. Drop all added sugar and sugar substitutes After a few days, the cravings for the sweet stuff stop, like magic. After six weeks you can start to reintroduce “sweets,” but the good ones, like dark chocolate and other ageless desserts. Retrain your palate to enjoy the taste of a peach in season, a cherry warmed by the sun and a dark chocolate in all its rich glory. With all the processed, fast food we eat, it’s easy to forget how good food can taste.
  3. Drop dairy After the six  weeks, limit your dairy to goat or sheep milk, which is genetically easier for most people to digest. Cheeses, milk, yogurts, etc. available after six weeks, unless you discover a dairy allergy.
  4. Drop conventional wheat Stick with whole (intact) grains. I love steel cut oats in a savory porridge, black (forbidden) rice with stir-fried vegetables, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, amaranth…
  5. Meditate Get quiet for at least 12 minutes a day. Studies show just 12 minutes a day can extend your life and help transform the way you manage stress and anxiety.
  6. Move Take 30 minutes a day and walk, run, dance, practice yoga, lift weights, bike or swim — move the body. It doesn’t matter what you do, just move. We were designed for movement. My favorite exercise is long walks.
  7. Sleep 7-9 hours a night. Can’t sleep? Develop a sleep routine that supports you and triggers your body to rest when it’s time. Take key supplements to support better, more easeful sleep. (I depend on l-theanine, GABA and melatonin.)
  8. Gratitude What are you grateful for? Gratitude increases your happiness. Can’t find anything? That’s ok. Studies show just searching for things to be grateful for activates the part of the brain that boosts your mood.
  9. Massage Inflamed? Depressed? Get a massage. Touch is powerful. Massage reduces pain and fatigue, improves sleep and decreases stress. Hugs work too. And, they’re less expensive.
  10. Choose Make conscious decisions. We’re happier when we allow ourselves to choose to live healthier lives. We feel better when we’re decisive. Example: choose to workout rather than make it something you “have to” do.

Writer, producer, and content creator Tania Van Pelt is an expert on diet-related wellness. She is the author of “The Ageless Diet: Your Fountain of Youth,” and the related She empowers people to chart a course through the health and wellness noise and reimagine a life full of nourishment, sustainable vitality and fun.