Before starting The Reset, I knew nothing about the intricacies of social media marketing. It was (and still is) intimidating. It’s like you woke up and the entire world was # this and # that and if you weren’t doing it well, hey, you weren’t cool. I decided my lack of social knowledge wouldn’t deter me from my goal of creating what I instinctively knew was missing in an online community that spoke to our universal resets and our unheard voices.

Let me tell you – this is no small feat! Everyone makes you feel rather lame for not knowing the ins and outs of it all but mark my words — there’s a basis of common sense that reins supreme and overrides this “scholarly social knowledge” and it’s – the power of connecting in a real, honest and truthful way. Let’s relate about topics that matter to us. Let’s share cool things. Let’s inspire one another. Why not say it like it is??!!

Spent the evening re-working our social content calendar, took some time but starting to get the hang of it. Talk about a social reset!

#ResetYourMarketing #DoingItDifferently