It’s the first day of 2017, exactly 31 days until the launch of The Reset.

The run I do every day starts with a one mile hill. It’s best not to think about it, I repeat silently to myself… Don’t look up, or back, just keep looking forward and whatever you do—don’t stop. Like the familiar hill in front of me, I know this feeling well, it’s uncomfortable, hard and takes sheer will to complete.

When I created SimplyShe, I was 32 years old, creative, resourceful and naïve. Now 49, I am starting the next chapter in my entrepreneurial journey, charging brazenly into the unknown (again) this time utilizing my self-made business savvy and tenacious drive.

It takes guts to start something, anything that demands you come up with your own vision, jump off point and road map for executing an idea.

Launching a new business demands you finish every run, push yourself farther than you ever think you can go… The Reset is going to be my hardest run yet, my greatest challenge. Each day I will run to reach the top, each day I will re-pledge to keep my chin up, keep my face forward and be my own cheerleader shouting, “Lady, you got this!”